Who we are

At ACTEX we are passionate about helping people become actuaries. Becoming an actuary takes dedication and commitment. We match that diligence and enthusiasm when we create our study materials. We work to bring you the most current and high quality materials so you can focus on studying. Our products continue to change with the times both in content and technology. We have a passion and talent for bringing it all together to make it easier and more comprehensive for where you are in your journey.

Much has changed at ACTEX over the past 50 years, but one thing has not - our steadfast commitment to our educational community.

Our Vision

To serve as a community of students, educators, and corporations working together to promote learning and other educational development in a mutually beneficial and self-reinforcing manner.

Our Mission

The creation of, and broad access to, a comprehensive and expanding array of innovative and customizable educational resources that help students and professionals learn, and professors and instructors teach.

Our Journey

Over 50 years ago we created the very first study manual for students preparing for actuarial exams. Much has changed since then, but our passion and focus is the same. Today, we are an eLearning technology and education company leveraging experts in the field to constantly update our learning content in a format that works for you. No one product stands alone, they are all connected so you can achieve that next level of learning.

An eLearning Company

Both the actuarial and education industries are continuously changing and we are evolving right along with them. Through technology we have been able to improve the learning experiences for all students by providing flexibility and accessibility in a personalized way. We bring content to students in a variety of forms, digital manuals, videos, tutoring, databases of questions and more. Now students can learn where they want in a format that works for their needs.

ACTEX: a Benefit Corporation

Benefit Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social performance, transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Benefit Corporations seek to redefine success in business and build stronger communities and a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable economy through the creation of high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose. Benefit Corporations use profits and growth as a means to a greater end: positive impact for their stakeholders.

We believe in the power of community. Over the decades, we've assembled a diverse collective of professors and professional subject matter experts and empowered them to create the best educational materials. These materials offer students unrivaled access to affordable and comprehensive learning solutions that students can tailor to their unique learning styles.

Our community actively contributes and collaborates in support of our shared vision and mission. Some members contribute individually, some work in small teams, but each works collectively for the whole. The members of our educational community include you!

Study Tools for All

We provide you with all the options you need to find the tools that work best for you.