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Enhancing the Actuarial Profession

The AFDP (Actuarial Faculty Development Program) is a pilot program developed by ACTEX to strengthen actuarial teaching staff in low-middle income countries with a program of live virtual classes and education resources. This program is supported by the UNDP-Milliman Global Actuarial Initiative (GAIN).

The objective of the AFDP is to strengthen the universities by supporting the development of faculty members and provide access to training materials, affordable education tools and resources to develop a sustainable education pathway to enhance the local actuarial science profession.

Who Can Benefit from this Program?


Members of the actuarial science faculty who require training and support relating to practical actuarial skillsets. This can include teaching staff that currently teach actuarial science but have no industry experience (i.e Mathematicians and Statisticians), or teaching staff who are in early stages of developing an actuarial science program.


Through engagement of over ten low-middle income countries, many faculty members expressed challenges in teaching in actuarial science as they have limited actuarial science expertise or experience in the insurance field. This leads to students receiving a more theoretical education and graduates having difficulty with actuarial science exams as well as contributing value in the workforce.

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