Financial Risk and Rate of Return

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Financial Risk and Rate of Return

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Study Manual for Exam 9

The ACTEX Study Manual for CAS Exam 9 contains outlines of all required syllabus readings and includes relevant questions and solutions from past CAS 9 exams (through the 2019 exam), adjusted to the current syllabus. The included questions and solutions are arranged by reading and topic and also include page references to help guide candidates to a successful exam day.

About Exam 9

CAS Exam 9 focuses on Risk Management for Actuaries. The domains include the following items: A. Catastrophe and Reinsurance, B. Risk and Return, C. Financial Risk Management (FRM), D. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). The exam consists of the following elements:

  • 4.5 hour exam - including break, exam setup, agreement and end survey
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection, Fill in The Blank, Matching, Constructed Response, Spreadsheet Submissions. Candidates should acquaint themselves with these types of questions.
  • Exam is offered once a year in April/May

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