Estim Liabilities, Valuation, ERM

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Estim Liabilities, Valuation, ERM

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Study Manual for Exam 7

The syllabus for the CAS Exam 7 covers valuation and enterprise risk management. The ACTEX Study Manual for CAS Exam 7 contains outlines of all syllabus material and is organized by topic. The manual includes 190 past CAS exam questions and solutions and 170 review questions with solutions.

About Exam 7

CAS Exam 7 focuses on the Advanced Estimation of Claims Liabilities. The exam consists of the following elements:

  • 4.5 hour exam - including break, exam setup, agreement and end survey
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection, Fill in the Blank, Matching, Constructed Response, Spreadsheet Submissions. Candidates should acquaint themselves with these types of questions.
  • Exam is offered once a year in April/May

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