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The ACTEX Exam MAS-I study manual provides an in-depth approach to learn the information efficiently and effectively. The CAS Exam MAS-I study guide includes GOAL, our exam question database. It is the most recommended actuarial prep program.

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Formula Sheets

Formula Sheet for Exam MAS-I

This at-a-glance tool helps you memorize and recall key formulas and information. It covers important formulas needed to prepare your exam. Also, it's an easy-to-print format you can study with, no matter where you are.

Videos for CAS Exam MAS-I

Studies have shown video learning can lead to better retention. We offer 99 instructional videos—that's over 15 hours of video for your SOA Exam MAS-I study material. A great way to deepen your learning on challenging topics and gain a variety of perspectives from our expert instructors.

Flashcards for CAS Exam MAS-I

Master key topics and formulas with our flashcards, which allow you to filter by topic. To help you direct your focus, each card is rated to indicate its importance on the exam.

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About Exam MAS-I

This examination covers Probability Models (Stochastic Processes and Survival Models), Statistics, Extended Linear Models, and Time series with Constant Variance.

  • 4 hour exam
  • Offered 2x per year

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