Study Manual for SOA Exam PA

The ACTEX Study Manual for Exam PA takes a comprehensive approach to learning predictive analytics. Get started preparing for your PA (Predictive Analytics) exam today with a first-class manual written by a predictive analytics expert and passionate teacher. It is the most recommended actuarial prep program.

Note: A printed version is available for purchase with your digital manual.

Graded Mock Exam for SOA Exam PA

The ACTEX PA Graded Mock Exam is a great way to predict your exam outcome! Before you take the official PA exam - take the new ACTEX PA Graded Mock Exam and get feedback from PA expert, Ambrose Lo. The ACTEX PA Graded Mock Exam has all the typical elements your SOA exam will have. The questions and format are set up just like the SOA PA exam effective from April 2023.

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