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Actuarial Apprenticeship Video Course

On-Demand  |  Jacobi
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Are you still in school or just graduated? Do you want a better understanding of the actuarial profession and learn more about the Property and Casualty (P&C) industry to help you in an interview or start a new position? This course will help you get up to speed quickly. You will gain both product knowledge and practical math you need in rate making and loss reserving. Also covered are topics such as reinsurance and asset modeling.

Github Video Course

On-Demand  |  Smith
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Actuarial practice is becoming more and more complicated by the day, and timelines are getting shorter and shorter. The traditional way of controlling the actuarial work product is starting to reach its limits. Git is the most popular system worldwide for controlling software. By learning and applying Git to their work products, actuaries will be able to better collaborate with others, and the resultant work products will be more reliable. The course begins by motivating why actuaries need to do a better job with source control by illustrating the state of most actuarial operations, and showing how Git can help improve them.

Python Video Course

On-Demand  |  Smith
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Designed for Actuaries who want to learn a new tool to do their job better. Built to make you proficient and functional in Python as quickly as possible so that you can improve your actuarial processes. As an actuary, Python is one of the most powerful tools you can learn for your career, as it's the language of choice for machine learning and data analysis. This course is right for you if you are a beginner to Python or programming in general.

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