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The ACTEX Champion Program is designed specifically for clubs and organizations with students taking actuarial exams and working toward becoming actuaries. With this partnership, your club/organization will have access to discounts of top quality study materials and community support. We will work with you and your club, sharing study insights, exam taking strategies and much more.

The ACTEX Champion Program

We are looking for an individual who wants to champion ACTEX products and services to their club or organization. You have an opportunity to bring your club access to quality study materials, discounts on products, and a variety of ways to enhance their journey to become an actuary.

As an ACTEX Champion, the benefits you’ll earn include:

  • Discounts on preliminary exam materials
  • Network with exam experts
  • Free merchandise to celebrate your spirit

As an ACTEX Champion, your responsibilities include:

  • Let your fellow Actuarial Club members know about the benefits and details of ACTEX study materials and discounts programs.
  • Share your experiences on your preferred social media platform about your personal insights and successes.
  • Bring ACTEX to your club with customized sessions based on the needs of your club
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Join our Global ACTEX Champion Program and bring the benefits to your Actuarial Club. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a Champion Coordinator, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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We believe in the power of community. Over the decades, we’ve assembled a diverse collective of professors and professional subject matter experts and empowered them to create the best educational materials. These materials offer students unrivaled access to affordable and comprehensive learning solutions that students can tailor to their unique learning styles.

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