Study Manual for CAS Exam 6: US Regulation and Financial Reporting

Study Manual for CAS Exam CAS 6 US The ACTEX Exam 6 US study manual provides an in-depth approach to learn the information efficiently and effectively. The CAS Exam 6 US study guide includes GOAL, our exam question database as well as flashcards. It is the most recommended actuarial prep program.

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Master key topics and formulas with our flashcards, which allow you to filter by topic. To help you direct your focus, each card is rated to indicate its importance on the exam.

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About Exam 6 US

This exam covers Regulation of Insurance and United States Insurance Law, Government and Industry Insurance Programs, Financial Reporting and Taxation, Professional Responsibilities of the Actuary in Financial Reporting, and Reinsurance Accounting Principles.

  • 4 hour exam
  • This exam is offered 2x per year (Spring and Fall)

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