Actuarial Exam Tactics: Learn More, Study Less

2nd Edition  |   Ju & Jennings

This must-read book cracks the code on studying for actuarial exams! Co-written by the world’s youngest actuary, this book goes back to the basics and works to reshape what studying is. With tips on how to cut down study time while becoming more efficient, this book is an excellent tool for studying actuaries and those looking to make their studying worthwhile.

The Actuarial Career: Getting Started


Thinking of becoming an actuary? This is where to start. Written by Bill Marella, a seasoned CEO of one of the largest actuarial education creators in the world, this book provides an expanse of knowledge across the actuary field, including specifics on starting off in the actuarial profession and entering the actuarial workforce. With full chapters dedicated to resume building, the interview process, and beginning your job search, Marella provides a helpful and concise look into becoming an actuary.

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