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Advanced Topics in Predictive Analytics Video Course Author: Li

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Focus on the technical aspects of the new SOA ATPA Exam with this course. 
Advanced Topics in Predictive comes with a steep learning curve and we are here to help you reach the summit. This instructional video course will allow you to write your ATPA exam more confidently, and increase your chances of passing the exam.

This Module-Focused Video Course Includes:

  • 15+ Videos (6 hours) meticulously organized into three modules, helping you achieve the learning objectives of this course with ease:
  • Additive Models
  • Linear Mixed Models
  • Neural Networks
  • 3 End of Module Assessments to evaluate your understanding of the material
  • Lecture Slides so you can follow along with the instructor and take notes
  • Access to Instructor during the duration of the course
  • Access to Discussion Forum to ask questions and see what other students are saying
  • Certificate of Completion


Johnny Li, PhD., FSA, a leading Professor of Predictive Analytics, will provide detailed explanations of the three models:

  • Additive Models
  • Linear Mixed Models
  • Neural Networks

Meticulously organized, these videos will help you achieve the learning objectives of this course with ease. You will also have an opportunity to practice with 3 end-of-module assessments, and you will gain access to the instructor during the duration of the course.

At the conclusion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, showing that you have passed.

New Concepts

The ACTEX ATPA video course, hosted on the Actuarial University platform, will allow you to search by key topics, access definitions in the hub, and link directly to the right place in your slides or video lecture.  And you can use our ATPA scheduler to help you plan, organize your study time and access your study materials in an organized way. If you own other ACTEX or ASM study programs in Actuarial University you will be able to follow the connections from the new materials to the familiar materials of past exams to help you study and master the material.

Course Readings:

Accompanying lecture slides and “An Introduction to Statistical Learning: With Applications in R”, 2nd Edition, by James et al. You may obtain a softcopy of this book at for free or a hard copy is available to purchase on this website. You are expected to read all SOA required readings. 

Learn with an Expert: Professor Johnny Li, PhD, FSA

Professor Li is Professor and the Holder of the Munich Re Chair in Predictive Analytics at the University Of Waterloo, Canada. His current teaching and research focus on the interface between actuarial science and predictive analytics. Over the years, his research contributions have led to several prestigious awards, including the Society of Actuaries (SOA) Redington Prize, the SOA Edward A. Lew Award and the SCOR Actuarial Award in Asia.


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