Corporate Finance and ERM Track

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Corporate Finance and ERM Track

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Study Manual for Exam ERM

The ACTEX Study Manual for SOA Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) has been constructed to address all of the learning objectives common to all specialties. Recently updated, this manual reflects the up-to-date syllabus. Our intent is for the guides to serve as an efficient means of subsequent review and overview of the entire syllabus.

Flashcards for Exam ERM

Elevate your exam preparation with our invaluable flashcards, created to optimize your study sessions and ensure exam success. Designed for maximum efficiency, these cards empower you to make the most of your study time, offering a strategic and efficient approach to help you memorize the material.

About the SOA Corporate Finance and ERM Track

The Corporate Finance and ERM Track prepares actuaries for roles within the departments of the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO) across various industries. It emphasizes the unique value of actuaries in risk assessment and strategic decision-making. The requirements for this track are as follows:

  • ERM Module
  • ERM Exam
  • Foundations of CFE Exam
  • Financial Reporting Module
  • Strategic Decision Making Exam
  • Advanced Topics in CFE Module
  • Additional FSA candidate requirements:
    • Decision Making and Communication (DMAC) Module
    • Fellowship Admissions Course (FAC)

Study Tools for All

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