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ACTEX Exam FM Preparation Online Course | On Demand Author: Owens

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Prep Course for SOA Exam FM

Prepare for Exam FM with the ACTEX On-demand Prep Course. This course provides students the necessary instruction and support needed to pass. Students will have access to lecture videos, a variety of SOA Exam practice problems, video solutions, timed practice tests, sample questions, and more. You'll also have 1:1 email support from an instructor for 180 days after purchase.

Features to help you stay organized 

  • Comparable to a one-semester college undergraduate course
  • 180 day access
  • Emphasizes problem-solving techniques
  • Video lectures
  • Suggested exercises and their solutions
  • Practice tests with video solutions
  • Comprehensive instructor support
  • Discussion forum

Course Reading, Structure and Grading

Required Materials:

ACTEX Exam FM Study Manual | Dinius

Course Structure and Grading:

The course is partitioned into 10 topic sections and the final two weeks are dedicated to intensive practice. This course includes:

  • Assigned textbook readings
  • Instructor notes
  • Video lectures
  • Suggested practice exercises (with full solutions)
  • Practice tests (with full solutions)
  • Asynchronous Q&A discussion forum
  • Instructor support via email and in-class messaging
  • Direct communication with instructor by request

The last two weeks of each session include practice exams with instructional support and review. Grades are provided so that students may gauge their level of preparation. Students will continue to have access to the course videos and materials for two months following the end of the course.

Communication with the Instructor

  • Discussion Forum: each week there will be a dedicated discussion forum. The instructor will normally respond within 24 hours. 
  • Email and Phone: the instructor will respond to student emails throughout the course normally within 24 hours. By appointment, the instructor will be available via Skype.
  • If you have any questions for Rich Owens at this time, please send them to him directly at:

Student Responsibilities

It is estimated that it takes 200-300 hours of study to adequately prepare for Exam FM. Students in the 10-week course should dedicate 6-12 hours per week at minimum to the course material in order to do well.

Important Note

Before purchasing electronic manuals or bundles, please note that DRM protected PDFs require installing free software on a desktop or laptop computer to print. If you do not have administrative rights or are otherwise unable to download and save third party programs to your computer, you will not have printing rights enabled.

Refund Policy

Course policy: Students taking this course on-demand are eligible for a 100% refund of tuition up to 72 hours after purchase, and a 50% refund from 72 hours to a week after purchase, provided no materials have been accessed.

After 1 week, students may pause the course for up to 6 months, but no refund will be given.

Study Manual Refund Policy: Please note that there are no refunds for digital study manuals or bundles. All printed study manuals may be returned under the terms of the Bookstore Return Policy.

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