General Insurance Fellowship Track





General Insurance Fellowship Track

Study Manual for Exam GIGI

This ACTEX Study Manual for SOA Introduction to General Insurance is built to help students to pass the Introduction to General Insurance exam. The study manual covers the Introduction to General Insurance syllabus through Fall 2023 including complete outlines of readings, past exam questions, and 161 practice problems, 98 of them original problems written by the author.

Study Manual for Exam GIRR

Full of step-by-step illustrations and previous exam questions, the ACTEX Study Manual for SOA General Insurance - Introduction to Ratemaking and Reserving is designed to take the reader through each claim projection method and the ratemaking approach that follows. This study manual covers an array of topics, from claim projection methods to catastrophe models and everything in between.

Study Manual for Exam GIFRE

With past exam questions and answers at the end of each reading, the ACTEX Study Manual for SOA General Insurance Financial and Regulatory Environment aims to assist candidates attempting to pass the exam by offering a syllabus-focused manual with both readings and exercises.

Flashcards for Exam GIFRE

Elevate your exam preparation with our invaluable flashcards, created to optimize your study sessions and ensure exam success. Designed for maximum efficiency, these cards empower you to make the most of your study time, offering a strategic and efficient approach to help you memorize the material.

Practice Problems for Exam GIADV

Prepare with confidence for the Advanced Topics in General Insurance Exam using ACTEX’s Practice Problems for Advanced Topics in General Insurance. With over 700 practice problems, this book will help your exam to feel like just another study session, allowing you to conquer it with ease.

About the SOA General Insurance Track

The General Insurance Track provides candidates with the expertise and experience needed to address intricate issues and contribute to the success of companies all around the world. The requirements for this track are as follows:

  • Introduction to General Insurance Exam
  • Ratemaking and Reserving Exam
  • Financial and Regulatory Environment Exam
  • Advanced Topics in General Insurance Exam
  • Applications of Statistical Techniques Module
  • Financial Economics Module
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Module
  • Additional FSA candidate requirements:
    • Decision Making and Communication (DMAC) Module
    • Fellowship Admissions Course (FAC)

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