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ACTEX Interactive Study Manual for Exam P with Instructional Videos 1st Edition Author: Broverman

ISBN(s): 978-1-64756-741-5 | 978-1-64756-742-2 | 978-1-64756-743-9

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Our Interactive Study Manual for SOA Exam P offers personalized learning on a schedule that works for you. 

The Exam P study guide will allow you to:

  • Review 660 pages of comprehensive, exam-focused information with full syllabus coverage
  • Refine your understanding with 123 examples 
  • Practice until you're confident with 230 exercises 
  • Get exam-ready with 12 full-length exams (that's over 360 SOA P Exam sample questions!) 

GOAL: Practice. Predict. Pass. 

Reach your target GOAL Score with our proven system.

GOAL offers:

  • 1,000+ SOA exam practice problems with detailed solutions
  • A variety of learning modes and difficulty levels
  • Customized quizzes: You set the topic, difficulty, number of questions, and a timer
  • Simulated exams: Choose from 7 comprehensive exams 
  • Measure your preparedness with GOAL Score

Instructional Videos

Retain more information with our helpful videos that cover the entire syllabus and further explain the most complex topics.

We've got you covered with:

  • 90 Instructional Videos
  • A variety of expert instructors, many of whom are current university professors
  • Almost 20 hours of video content - with more on the way!


Master key topics and formulas with our flashcards, which are rated by exam importance. 

  • 122+ Virtual Flashcards—great for on-the-go studying!
  • Cover critical syllabus material to help you pass your exam.
  • Great way to help you learn key topics and formulas.
  • Allow you to sort by topic to focus on the material you need to work on the most.
  • Cards are all rated to indicate the importance of each card to the exam questions.


Weighted by topic importance, our Planner outlines how to study for Exam P

  • Simplify study sessions with Planner's ability to filter videos, flashcards, and GOAL for relevant content, based on where you're at in the manual 
  • Weighted sections highlight how long you should spend on each topic
  • Mark sections as Completed so you have a handy checklist of remaining study materials

Topic Search

Everything in the SOA Exam P study manual is fully indexed by keyword, making it easy to toggle between materials and concepts without losing your place.

  • Seamlessly read, watch and practice across topics 
  • Connect to all your materials, identify problem areas, and get the help you need to pass

Formula and Review Sheet

This at-a-glance tool helps you memorize and recall key formulas and information. 

  • Covers important formulas needed to prepare you for the actuarial probability exam 
  • Easy-to-print reference guide you can study with, no matter where you are

ACTEX Learning Bootcamp Sitting Information:

Exam P Sitting

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

January 2024




March 2024




May 2024




July 2024




Sessions will begin at 10 am ET. Sessions last two hours, with an additional 30 minutes for questions at the end. 


Optimize your Study Time for Exam P with the ACTEX Bootcamps.

It is the perfect addition to your study schedule and will help you feel confident and ready for your exam. 

Interact with the instructor and other students during this three-session online instruction course offering:

  • Review of exam material and strategies
  • Special focus on more challenging topics, common errors, and exam strategy
  • Walk-throughs of key examples
  • On-demand recordings of the sessions available for later review 
  • Email access to instructors for Q&As 

This Bootcamp is taught by Gabriel Necoechea, who earned a PhD in mathematics from Kansas State University. Having developed an interest in actuarial mathematics at the end of his time in grad school, he has passed multiple SOA exams with plans to sit for more in the very near future. Recently, he has partnered with ACTEX and ASM to produce exam prep videos and other actuarial learning materials. He has five years of experience teaching mathematics at the university level, and he truly enjoys working with students. In his spare time, he enjoys recovering from running injuries.

About the Author

Sam Broverman, A.S.A., Ph.D.

Sam Broverman has been a Professor of Actuarial Mathematics since 1978, first at The University of Texas at Austin until 1980 and since then at the University of Toronto. Prof. Broverman is the author of texbooks and study guides widely used by students preparing for actuarial examinations.

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