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Bootcamp for Exam SRM Author: Li

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Sessions will begin at 10 am ET. Sessions last two hours, with an additional 30 minutes for questions at the end. 

Optimize your Study Time for Exam SRM with the ACTEX Bootcamps.

It is the perfect addition to your study schedule and will help you feel confident and ready for your exam. 

Interact with the instructor and other students during this three-session online instruction course offering:

  • Review of exam material and exam strategies
  • Special focus on more challenging topics and common errors 
  • Walk-throughs of key examples
  • On-demand recordings of the sessions available for later review 
  • Email access to instructors for Q&As 

Recommended material to accompany your studies: the ACTEX Study Manual Program for SRM

About your Professor

Dr. Li is an Associate Professor of Economics and Finance at the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics, University of Guelph. He is a fellow of the Society of Actuaries and an associate fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. Dr. Li has taught various actuarial science and statistics courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He has been serving as a grading volunteer and question writer for the SOA QFIPM exam since 2021. Dr. Li has published over 20 refereed journal papers since he obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2015, and has participated in various research projects sponsored by CAS, SOA, and CIA in recent years. He received the 2018 Bob Alting von Geusau Prize for the best paper published in ASTIN Bulletin with a Financial Risk or Enterprise Risk Management focus.

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