ACTEX VEE Microeconomics Online Course | On Demand | SOA & CAS Approved 4th Edition Author: Perry

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Our VEE Microeconomics Online course offers personalized learning on a schedule that works for you.

The VEE Microeconomics course provides you:

  • 180-Day subscription
  • Assigned Readings – to help keep you organized
  • Comprehensive lecture notes – include illustrative examples
  • Video lectures – easy to follow
  • Practice Problems – included at the end of each module with full solutions
  • Access to Instructors – Students have access to one-on-one instructor support for 180 days
  • Pass Guarantee – Students who are unable to achieve a passing score may retake the entire course, or the final exam only, at no additional charge

Note: 60% student discount available

Course Materials:

  • Economics 4th Edition e-book, by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells
    • 150-Day Achieve Subscription (readings and assignments) not included with pass guarantee and not included with student discount

This VEE Microeconomics course topics provides: 

  • Foundation in microeconomic terminology, models and analysis
  • Core ideas of supply and demand are developed and applied 
  • How rational consumers interact in markets to maximize utility with firms seeking to maximize profits under different market structure is explored
  • The topics of elasticity, long run and short run choices, the impact and role of taxes and government intervention, and externalities on markets are treated.

The depth, pace and structure of the course material is comparable to a one-semester senior undergraduate course in Microeconomics.

Assessment: The final grade is based on four assignments, and a final exam. The assignments questions are multiple choice, constructed to help students verify that they have achieved all of the learning objectives. Students may complete the assignments at their leisure – anytime before the final exam is written.

Final Exam: The final exam is a comprehensive, two-hour, closed-note and closed-text exam. Exam questions are multiple-choice, similar in substance to the assigned practice and graded homework problems.

Proctors: Students are responsible for finding a proctor. Students can choose to use our online proctoring service, ProctorU (details below), or find an outside individual. Exam proctors must be approved by ACTEX. Acceptable proctors include:

  • Credentialed actuaries
  • CFA or a member of management unable to sit for exams, such as an HR manager or university professor
  • The proctor and candidate may not be related

If you have selected CBT Final (computer-based test) the instructions will be emailed to your proctor (see Student Responsibilities below).

Individuals with disabilities are eligible to receive necessary testing accommodations. Please contact prior to registering for this course if you require an accommodation.

Students are allowed to use SOA approved calculators.

Computer-Based Test (CBT) Final Exam: ProctorU

  • This service is offered as a convenience for our students. ACTEX does not profit from the use of this service.
  • Students must create a ProctorU account and are responsible for scheduling and paying ProctorU for their exam ($28.00). 
  • The ProctorU service is not included in the Pass Guarantee.

Advantages of using ProctorU:

  • ProctorU is available worldwide 24 hours a day and can schedule your exam when you are ready. 
  • Take the final exam in the comfort of your home, office or any private setting with access to the Internet.

Communication with the Instructors:

The instructor will respond to student emails throughout the course normally within 24 hours. By appointment, the instructor will also be available by phone for student questions.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Students should download all course materials as instructed. Students should read instructor notes. Assignments must be completed individually. No collaboration or other assistance is permitted. Assignments must be completed according to the instructions provided.
  • Students are responsible for finding a proctor for the final examination or using ProctorU to remotely proctor your exam. The final exam must be proctored by a credentialed actuary from the SOA, CAS or an international Actuarial Society. Your proctor must be approved by ACTEX prior to the examination date by submitting your proctor’s information in the Proctor Submission Portal on the course website. Students must agree to the Site Policy in order to access their online course.
  • Please note: students must pass two SOA, CAS or CIA actuarial exams before applying to have your VEE credit added to your record.

Refund Policy

  • Course policy: students taking this course on-demand are eligible for a 100% refund of tuition up to 72 hours after purchase, and a 50% refund from 72 hours to a week after purchase, provided the course has not been accessed.
  • After 1 week, students may pause the course for up to 6 months, but no refund will be given, provided the course has not been accessed.
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